The citadel town of Erbil lies in the middle of the Greater City of Erbil.  It lies between longitudinal lines (45.05 E, 43.4 E) and latitudinal lines (37.20 N, 36.25 N).  Although it is now completely engulfed by the huge expanse of the modern city it still lies at the heart of the busy central commercial district.
Erbil is the Capital City of the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq and is about 350 kilometers northeast of Baghdad, 80 kilometers southeast of Mosul, and 96 kilometers northwest of Sulaimaniya.
The city may be reached by car from all major towns of Iraq and also from the neighboring countries of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Jordan by a modern system of highways.  There is also an international airport which is only about 7 kilometers west of the citadel.
Once you are near the citadel you may walk up the steps of the Southern Gate or walk up the ramp of the Northern Gate.  Alternatively, you can take a taxi to take you up the northern gate.  Then, from either gate you may walk through the meandering alleyways of the town and visit its beautiful restored houses, the mosque, the public baths (hammam), and its numerous cultural attractions and museums.  Moreover, certain vantage points at the peripheral wall of the town offer fantastic views of the city of Erbil below- ideal for the keen photographer.