Historical records show that there were several mosques and takyas in the citadel.  However, only one mosque remains today- Mulla Afandi Mosque.   A main Friday mosque must have been built as early as Muslim conquest in AD 640.  Of course, this original mosque has since disappeared and rebuilt it continuously over the years.  Mulla Afandi Mosque was probably built on an earlier mosque sometime in the late 19th Century.  The central location of the mosque seems to support this idea.  Main Friday mosques were always built at the very center of any Islamic town.

This main Friday mosque \"Jami\" played a major role in the religious and social life of the community.  In particular, Friday prayers meant the congregation of nearly all adult men of the citadel around early afternoon.
Originally, Mulla Afandi historic mosque had a large prayers hall which was surmounted by some twenty one domes resting on arches and columns. It was unfortunately demolished in 1957 and rebuilt in a totally modern and inferior style. It now has a flat reinforced concrete roof and other modern elements such as doors, windows, and decorations. The minaret was left alone but was also badly restored.  It is hoped that this mosque would be rebuilt in a more sympathetic style and even, perhaps, retrieve some of its original features such as the domes and the vaulted interior.